When I dream – Board Game, Gameplay Review

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When I Dream is a unique hidden role game where fairies, sandmen and boogeymen enter into dreams and lure the player to see the dreams they want. In the end the player is confused and is not sure what exactly they saw.

In the game a player wears the mask and “falls asleep”. The other players share the roles and they can be either fairies trying to reveal to the sleeping player the real images of the dreams, or boogeymen trying to seduce the player and present them with different images from the real ones, or sandmen who want to create a balance in the dreams. So after the player is asleep, the time starts and the first one to their right takes a card and says a word related to it. Then the next player takes the same card and says another related word. This is done until the sleeping player says the word they think is representing the card. After this is done the card is placed on the side by the fairies or the sandmen depending on whether it is right or wrong and the next one gets another card following the same procedure. When the time is up, the player as they wake up they try to remember the pictures they saw while they were asleep and get points if they are correct. The other players also get points depending on how much they helped or distracted the player who was asleep according to their roles. And then it is the next player’s turn to fall asleep and be left in their dreams.

When I Dream is an award-winning party game for large groups, which can keep players immersed for hours and have the most fun dreams they ever had.

Have you played When I Dream too? Did you have beautiful dreams or did the boogeymen seduce you?

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