Top 3 Mobile Games you should play before 2021

This time we will be talking about mobile games that you should play before 2021! Real-time strategy, turn-based, PvP, auto-battler, card collective, merging mechanisms, you name it! This top 3 mobile games you should play by the end of the year, has it all!!

  1. Smashing Four
    Smashing Four is a real-time, turn-based, PvP, card-collectible mobile game by Geewa. Enter special arenas and fight using pool physics in the 1v1 real-time battles. Fight with what? With ball shaped heroes! Whaaa?!? Win battles to earn rewards and collect cards to unlock new heroes and upgrade them to unlock their unique abilities. And that’s not all… Form or join a clan, share cards with your clan-mates, all with beautiful art and amazing music!
  2. Top War: Battle Game
    Top War is mobile game by TopWar Studio. If you remember these real-time strategy MMO mobile games, Top War has a very similar concept, but very different game core mechanic. Battles happen in real time with players from all over the world in a different variety of battle modes. Build a base to train your armies, hire and upgrade heroes with unique skills and lead your land, navy and air forces to victory. So what’s the difference from the other real-time strategy mobile games? Whether you upgrade buildings or troops, the game mechanic for upgrading is merging the current building or troop level with a duplicate, to get a higher one. If you are sick of long waiting times for upgrading, you are gonna love merge!
  3. Battle Legion
    Battle Legion by Traplight Games has a similar concept with the Art of War. It’s an auto-battler mobile game, in a PvP style, where all the game is based on the right placement of the troops. Every troop has unique battling abilities and just planning a strategic army layout, can make the difference! Unlock new troops to expand your army, upgrade them and win or lose the battle in less than 20 seconds!

Do you have another game we should check out just before 2021? Let us know!!

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