Top 10 Hypercasual Mobile Ball Games

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Since our first Top blog post in the Halloween of 2019 we have made not more or less than a total of 100 blog posts! We have done Reviews, we have given you the most recent New Discoveries of the industry and we have shown you step by step our progress in our games (board or video) and our business development through our Devblogs. Everyone loves hyper-casual mobile games, so for our 100th blog post milestone I’m gonna present you “Top 10 Hypercasual Mobile Ball Games”. In this Top 10 you are gonna see a lot of the most popular hyper-casual mechanisms, but also some using them in a very unique way! Soo… let’s jump into it!

  1. Ball Drop: Jump, Dodge, Win!
    Since some time now when someone says “hypercasual mobile ball games” the first thing you think of is dropping balls. Ball Drop by Moti Studio is one of these games! Guide the ball, dodge the obstacles and get to the bottom of every entertaining level connecting as many obstacles as you can to get more points.
  2. Color Bump 3D
    If you are a hypercasual gamer, I’m sure you have played games that your goal is to either stack or puss away obstacles. Color Bump is one of these by Good Job Games. Just don’t touch the wrong colors!
  3. Dig This!
    Dig This by Raketspel is one of these games where you need to “dig” with your finger and guide an item to its destination. Watch around for the obstacles!
  4. Pokey Ball
    One hyper-casual mobile ball game with a more compelling mechanism is Pokey Ball by Voodoo. Here you don’t drop the ball, but you need to poke and flick your ball as high as you can!
  5. Unroll Ball
    Are these games very mindless for you? Check out Unroll Ball by Busy Gamers LLP. Solve the puzzle and take the ball from one point to another by making the lowest possible amount of moves!
  6. Drop Stack Ball – Fall Helix Blast Crash 3D
    Similar to Ball Drop, in Drop Stack Ball by Tazkan Games you need to press and hold on the screen to let the ball go down without touching the obstacles. Hold as long as possible to make combo and break the black blocks!
  7. Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!
    Another hyper-casual game using the pass through concept with the right color being the “gate”. In Dancing Road by Amanotes PTE LTD you need to guide the ball to match other balls of the same color while listening to the music.
  8. Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!
    Tiles Hop is another mobile game by Amanotes where as a player you need to guide the ball from tile to tile by holding your finger. Listen to the beat while bouncing off the music tiles and make as many hops as you can!
  9. Cannon Shot!
    And once we are on bouncing… Cannon Shot by Say Games is all about aiming smart and using your finger to move various objects to change the direction of the balls you shoot. The goal is to fill all the buckets with balls!
  10. Roller Splat!
    Last on this Top 10 is Roller Splat by, yet again, Voodoo. Swipe up, down and all around to send your rolling paintball in every corridor and corner in order to spread color all over the white maze!

Try these games out and let me know if you have played any other hyper-casual mobile ball game!

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