The Rats – Mobile Game, Gameplay Review

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The game starts in a small space of a sewer, with 4 injured and hungry rats! When they manage to heal up, their next concern becomes to steal cheese to feed and progressively become stronger and stronger. You, as the player, control the team of these rats with the ultimate goal to dominate the entire sewer. While you keep stealing cheese, you have to be careful of the others who have the same goal of stealing for power! In case you’re a victim of a cheese thief, the only revenge available to you is to overfeed the thief, thus killing it and collecting its soul! This way you can create more rats to join your army and become stronger. In addition, when two rats are powerful enough, they can mate in order to create a more powerful rat!

It’s a very well balanced game and the progressive improvement of your team as well as their characteristics really stand out! The aspect of “luck” is used in a very clever way as you become a better thief or fighter if you train on these skills respectively. However, the game always leaves you with a chance of getting caught and thus returning back to your area of dominance injured. The most interesting aspect of The Rats though is the fact that you enter your enemy’s territory and cause havoc in order to benefit yourself! Sounds evil, I know, but it’s a very addictive game that you want to regularly check in with to make sure you have your opponent’s sneaky attacks under control and, of course, plan your revenge!

Have you made your evil plan for revenge and dominance yet? Let us know!

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