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Our board-game-designing journey continues with another couple weeks and some exciting news! In our previous post, I told you about the major theme-changes we did on Riverbed Hunt and how this impacted its gameplay. Today, I’d like to share with you the story of our game’s first attempt to reach the public eye!

It’s been a while since we heard about Cardboard Edison and Cardboard Edison Award, their yearly competition for 2021, but we were hesitating on the thought of participating, because at that time, our game was not even close to “hit the table” and we couldn’t say for sure if we could meet the deadlines. On the other hand, the competition was about new board game ideas on prototype form and it was just what we needed for a “kick-start”-promotion and a first crash-test on the game’s potential. Well, time passed and with all these in mind, we made our actual decision almost three weeks ago, when we agreed to give it our best shot and try to have the game ready before the given deadline. To be honest, this was also one of the reasons we rushed on dressing the game up with a proper theme and name. Challenge was officially accepted! Fortunately, design-wise, Riverbed Hunt was ready by then, but it wasn’t just that simple to make it to the competition… During the past weeks, I remember some endless days where I was messing with every little rule that had to be written clearly on the rulebook and every needed clarification that had to be placed on the right spot! Writing a good rulebook can be much harder than thinking about new rules or discarding some and then just put things on the table and try having fun; trust me on that. Considering the time left at that point, we were lucky to have a party game to deliver. Finally, the rules were cleaned up and we prepared everything we’ve been asked for on time; we did it. Now we’ll just have to wait for the results and hope for the best!

As far as we know, the competition has two phases. On the first phase, five judges will read the rules of each game and decide if they should pass on the next one or not, while on the second phase, the chosen games will be played by them, in order to determine the winner. The good thing is, passing the first phase or not, they promised to give extended feedback to each contestant, so in any case we have nothing to lose. In the meanwhile, we’ll be continuing the play-tests to improve Riverbed Hunt even more, because a new board game does not stop on a competition; on the contrary, this is just the beginning!

So, if you feel like helping us and learning more about the world of Tritons, you could join one of our play-testing events, simply by reaching us on discord and grabbing the play-tester role. A prototype version of the game is up on tabletopia and we’ll be more than happy to have you with us. Let’s create a great game together and share the fun of its process!

Until next time, stay Oddly Legendary!

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