Odd Christmas Tree Board Game, Gameplay Review

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Odd Christmas Tree,
Odd Christmas Tree!
How come thy balls are broken?! 🎵

Christmas time is near, the elves have finished with the necessary preparations and the great moment of decorating the Christmas tree has arrived! But, it looks like a bunch of goblins have a different perspective of what decoration means…

Odd Christmas Tree is a print and play, secret identity board game, for 4-8 players. So, are you going to be an elf or a goblin? And what about your teammates? Elves like to decorate the Odd Christmas Tree with shiny balls, while goblins prefer the broken ones. Who will place the most Christmas ornaments on the Odd Christmas Tree?!

Odd Christmas Tree

The game rules are very easy to teach and the gameplay is fast and simple. At the start of the game, each players randomly takes a hidden role of either an elf or a goblin and keeps it secret from everyone else. Based on that role, the players are trying to collect points, by decorating the tree with the ornament cards that correspond to their team. It may sounds easy, but the cards are going to be placed face-down on each tree-branch-space, so in order to understand what is going on, the players will have to guess correctly their team members and co-operate with them in the most efficient way… Let me explain a little more!

At the beginning of the game, 10 face-up ornament cards will be placed on the tree-branch-spaces of the board, decorating the Christmas tree. Each player starts the game with 4 ornament cards in their hand and will have to take three simple steps on their turn:

  1. First, they choose and take one card from the tree to their hand.
  2. Second, they choose and place, face-down, any one card from their hand to that space.
  3. Lastly, they choose and place, face-down, any one card from their hand in front of another player, giving them their turn.

Simple as that, the game plays until all of the players run out of cards and then counting starts! All the face-down cards flip and based on their position on the tree, they reward points to the team they belong to… At that point, the team with most points wins!

It’s very fast-paced, fun for any age and of course, full of bluffs!, since players may lie about the cards they play, give or take!… And most importantly, it’s free! You just have to download it, print and play! Be sure to check it out during the Christmas holidays and get ready for some odd-decorating time!

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