Harmony: Relax Melodies – Mobile Game, Gameplay Review

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The other day I played this amazing game called Harmony: Relax Melodies. After a while, I was so relaxed and I realized that the game is actually beneficial in two ways. It both decreases anxiety and increases IQ. You can probably imagine that being a musician myself, I loved it even more, but for sure it’s a game that anyone can play and I would definitely recommend.

As a player, you need to take the given line(s) as a reference and tap on the squares to mirror the music notes creating melodies. As you progress, you change chapters (levels) with each one of them having the name of a different classical composer. From the music point of view, the style of the melodies changes also to fit the style of the particular composer. If at some point you get bored of the same instrument and want to change the “color” of the game, it’s also possible to switch to other instruments.

So if you didn’t get your OCD pills this week, you can just download “Harmony: Relax Melodies”, create symmetries and melodies and relax!!

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