Building a community of Playtesters

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Our Odd steps continue with the last couple months being very interesting for Odd Statue Games. While our board game development team was working on our latest project, we stepped up our marketing game to support this development. In order to do that, we refined our discord server, organized playtest events, boosted our community interaction and we have more plans in the pipeline, ready for implementation!

Discord make over

Our first step was to organize our discord server a bit. We’ve been working on building our discord community since the beginning, but recently we sticked our brains together to create interesting interactions for our community.
We created roles, such as “Board Gamer” and “Video Gamer” for our community members to pick. This ideas was inspired by our favorite role, the “Playtester” role.

Organizing playtest events

After reaching a point where our game was ready to be played by more people, we opened the playtesting events to everyone! The only thing you have to do is join or discord server and grab your “Playtester” role from our role selection channel. Then, two new channels are visible to you, the “thursday-playtest” and “saturday-playtest” channels. Yes! We have two playtest events now 😉

We are thrilled by the response of our community to join us in our development process by playing with us. Also, we noticed that you guys are enjoying our games quite a bit! Win win :

Next steps

While we have done quite a bit of progress in areas that we have not focused that much in the past, we don’t plan to stop here! We already have plans for further expansion of our marketing and community building efforts.

Email subscription

We are currently working in the direction of email marketing. People have started asking about our news and what a better way to do that than an email! This opens up a new world of content creation and progress sharing.


We are also working on creating feedback surveys for our board game. This tool will really help us know you better and understand which of our game ideas are working better than others.

An Odd surprise

Well, it’s a surprise… so, I cannot tell you much. But, I will give you the following hints:

  1. It has to do with our discord server, and it’s going to be amazing!
  2. If you have already joined our server, you may have noticed something 😉
  3. When it’s done, you will have one more reason to enjoy our server!


That’s if for now! We are very humbled by your response to our call, especially for joining our playtesting ranks, and we’re oddly excited for the future development of our community.
I think that this is the perfect moment to share our journey with your friends! Invite them on our discord server and come play our latest game together! We promise a fun and oddly interesting time!

Till next time,
Stay Oddly Legendary!

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