Biblios – Board Game, Gameplay Review

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After a 2 hour gaming session with my friends, we still had some free time so we decided to play something more calming. That’s how we chose Biblios, a simple card game with 5 dice which, unlike the usual usage of dice, they do not offer the aspect of lack in this game, but they are used for keeping score.

We were a company of 4 players, and even though one of us was introduced to the game for the first time, he quickly picked up the rules and we were ready in no time. After placing the 5 dice in their appropriate positions, we shuffled the deck and started the game.

The game is split into two phases. In the beginning you have to reveal cards one after the other until four cards are revealed and decide what you will do with each of these four cards. Your options are to discard a card, to keep a card and to leave one card for each player. There are three types of cards. Items, coins and monks. The items are the cards you are trying to collect in order to score higher in the game. Each item has a color which matches one of the dice. If by the end of the game, you have the most items of each color of the dice, you score the number of items in points. In addition, the monks are crucial as they change the numbers shown on the dice, which act as a multiplier for the points. So, there is a chance that one player is collecting items from a specific color due to a high multiplier and another player to change this multiplier later in the game, resulting in decreasing the score of the first player.

The coins are important in the second phase of the game, where an auction takes place. When the first phase is over, the cards which were discarded create a pile of cards which is used to continue the game. The players reveal one card from this new pile. If it is an item, the players have to give coins collected from the first round in order to acquire it. However, if the card is coins or a monk, then they have to exchange it with items they had collect in order to acquire it. When this second pile has no more cards, the players count the item cards they have collected from each color and they collect the points depending on the respectively colored dice. The one with the most points is, of course, the winner!

This game will spike your suspense and you will usually want to play “one more”, since it usually won’t last more than 20 minutes. And even though I’ve lost twice last time we played, I still had a lot of fun.

Have you played Biblios before? If yes, please share your experiences! If not, we recommend you do 😉