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Dogs & Bones! The two player bluff game in which you have to trick your opponent’s dog team to dig out broken bones and old boots, while your team enjoys the tasty ones. Oh what a game! And it’s almost one year since its release!
So, let me give you some of the back story of how this project came to be 🙂

Everything starts with an idea!

It’s this magical moment of Odd Statue Games, when Christopher announces a new game idea! Usually it’s a highly abstract board game, with, what I like to call “Google graphics” (placeholder images fetched from Google searches that is), and rough rules which are usually broken 😛 That’s more or less the beginning of most of our journeys.
Dogs & Bones was no different.

However, Dogs & Bones was different in other respects. It was actually our first board game project as a team. A great opportunity for us to learn how to work together, bond as a team, and test our skills and knowledge in creating and marketing a board game from scratch.

Creating the art

Getting things right with art is not easy. At least, most of the times it won’t come right away and most probably multiple attempts are going to be required until the final result is presentable.
Dogs & Bones met 2 artists. The first ideas where put in the canvas by Alexandros Voyatzis, who created the artistic direction for Dogs & Bones.

Dogs & Bones initial concept art (Alexandros Voyatzis)

Then Judit, our graphic designer took over. Based on Alexandros’ art, she polished everything and made sure that our game could be proudly presented to our players!

Dogs & Bones final art (Judit)

Creating the Rulebook (a piece of art also!)

The rulebook is a crucial component of any and all board games. While its purpose is to guide the player in understanding the game, it also has quite a few design decisions in it that make it both usable and interesting. One could argue that the rulebook is also part of the art and ours was treated like art.

Print & Play vs We Print You Play

Dogs & Bones reached our player’s hands, or rather computer screens I should say, mid March last year, when we initially published it on our website as a print & play download.
But, our efforts with this game did not end there! Quickly after the print & play release we started working on an alternative version. We contacted our prototyping printing partner and we put down a small production plan, aiming to publish Dogs & Bones in the best possible quality, while it still resembles a print & play game.
We called this version “We Print You Play” and you can also find this on our website today!

We Print You Play version of Dogs & Bones

What’s next!

We have come a long way since the release of Dogs & Bones. We are currently working on our new board game which we plan to release with the help of our Odd Community and KickStarter. If this post made you feel like you wanted to witness the Dogs & Bones development in real time, then this is a perfect opportunity to participate in the development of our new title.

One exciting improvement that we did over our game creation process, is that we open our games for playtesting as soon as possible. This allows us to develop the games way faster, while keeping you and ourselves hyper-entertained! We also take all of our playtester’s feedback into consideration. So, this is an opportunity for your to influence our design decisions 😉

Sounds interesting? Join our discord server today and become part of our Oddly Legendary Community!

Until then, stay Oddly Legendary!

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