What home means to you?

What home means to you?

We’re oddly excited to participate at the Global Game Jam Athens! It’s a great opportunity for us to combine our love for making games with connecting to more people and teams like us! But what is the Global Game Jam you may ask?

What’s the Global Game Jam?

The Global Game Jam® (GGJ) is the world’s largest game jam event (game creation) taking place around the world at physical locations. It’s like a hackathon focused on game development. It’s about using video games as a medium to get together and express ourselves creatively. It consists of a 48 hour development cycling, during which each team will create and submit their game. The event encourages people from all areas of expertise, even unrelated to gaming, to participate and connect with similar-minded people.

What’s the topic of this year’s Game Jam?

This event has a different theme every year and the teams are instructed to create games related to this theme. This year the theme is “What home means to you” and the game can be anything as long as it somehow relates with that broader concept.

What Odd Statue is making?

We went too far this time, beyond what home means to us personally and began work on a dark and unpleasant game-play idea. The core concept is that you are experiencing some type of in house abuse and you are trying to escape from your abuser. You have to run fast but also avoid their line of sight, because if they catch you, the punishment will be severe!
Anxiety, asphyxiation and stress are the main feelings this game has to offer and hopefully some sort of relieve if you successfully escape from your dire situation.

More than “just Odd Statue”

We are not just Odd Statue this weekend! We also have a special guest with us, Ioanna Tsoumi, who is helping us with the graphic design. Thank you so much Ioanna! We really appreciate your contribution 🙂

What‘s next

Odd Statue will always try its best to grab those amazing opportunities to become better, connect with people and spend time with each other. Being a remote team gives us few opportunities to work side by side and events like these strengthen our bonds as a team. We will keep you updated about our progress and future events like that. Until then, let’s make some “Oddly Asphyxiating” games!

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