The Odd Universe

Hello Odd Community! We hope you’re having a great start on the new month 😀

This post might seem “Oddly Unexpected” to you, but we’re planning, starting from this month, to communicate more of our internal processes, and our project progress with you, to get you more involved in the real-time shaping of our culture and history as a team.
In this post, we provide information you might find interesting regarding our decisions and plans for the future.

Universe First

For the greatest part of February, we’ve been working on improving our internal processes and making our vision more well defined and clear. We’re vision driven and we think that strengthening this area will help us produce better results in all other aspects. We decided that we will integrate a “Universe First” approach to our vision. This means creating the tiniest world possible and making it bigger and bigger with every new game idea we come up with.
The goal is to expand the Universe bit by bit and making games that are connected and standalone at the same time. This might sound odd to you, and oddness is a good part of our culture, but we’re sure it will become clear as the time goes by and you follow the process.

Two Projects in the line!

We’re close to finishing up two projects. With one of them you might be familiar already and it’s the HydroPyro mobile game. We’re working on a complete redesign of the graphics and examined and applied most of the game play feedback we received from you (huge thanks on that)!
The second project is also close to completion, with few minor adjustments in the art and finalizing the rule book (yes, it’s a board game!) and we call it “Dogs and Bones”.
We will share more information about both projects as we approach closer to their release dates and invite you to play them as soon as they are ready!

We’re still “Oddly Even”…

So far, you’ve probably noticed that we love making puns with the words “Odd” and “Oddly”. Besides the meaning of “being peculiar”, odd also refers to an odd number. Expanding as a team makes us odd and even all the time. We recently became odd after so long and that changed just today by introducing another member to our team. So, we’re oddly even again…
We will introduce the new members to you soon on our website and on our social media.

New Projects

We’re already in the brainstorming process of two new projects and we’re very excited about how those will shape the “Odd Universe”! We will also share more information about these projects and their progress as we develop them.

That’s all for now! We’re curious to know what you think about all these and if you have questions or suggestions. Please either leave a comment or send as a line at “hello (at) oddstatuegames (dot) com”. Until next time, stay “Oddly Legendary”!

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