Twingle – Board Game, Gameplay Review

TWINKLE-Board Game-Gameplay Review
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Twingle is an abstract strategy game where players try to make connections between stars and get points. It is fast but with lot of tactic.

In Twingle, each player gets 7 link sticks and start from the 2 stars in front of them in order to make a constellation. But the stars are dice of different types and colors in this game. So the player will choose 3 dice, they will roll them and then take one of them to put it in their constellation with the first link. Here attention is needed, because the next dice in the constellation must be of a smaller number. So they have to choose wisely and place the big numbers first and then the smaller ones. Each dice, however, has its own way of rewarding points. Some just have to be high in number, while other have to have only even or odd numbers. So the player has to think of a combination that gives them several points and more specifically, more points than their opponents. In this way the player makes 7 links and after that the game ends with the players counting the points they have collected. Of course, at this point there is always a player who will ask to play again because they did not get such good numbers and very quickly the game is set up again and starts from the beginning.

It’s more of a strategy game and luck is not so present. It also has a very nice table presence, as it is like watching stars spread out in the galaxy.

Have you played twinkle too? If so, what color of dice do you like to do your strategy with?

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