Top 5 unique Mobile Games with compelling mechanisms

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These top 5 mobile games have some really unique mechanisms, which have driven hypercasual gaming to the next level. They have simple artwork, but yet again, not more than what is needed!

  1. Escape Masters
    One of these would be Escape Masters published by the Russian mobile gaming studio Playlegendary. The goal in the game is quite simple. You are a person in the run, trying to escape from policemen and through a series of traps and obstacles, reach your escaping van. How do you overcome these obstacles? By digging of course! The basic mechanism is the same as in Sand Balls, which we reviewed some time ago, where in real time you need to make a path for your escape. On your way you may find bombs that assist you to brake walls, more convicts that you need to take with you, in order to score higher, and keys, which you use to unlock boxes with extra money. Use the cash to buy new escaping master skins and escaping van skins. So, be careful to open a good path!
  2. Stack Colors
    Stack Colors has been published by Voodoo. There are quite a few mobile games with similar concept or mechanisms out there. As a player in Stack Colors, you need to move a person that holds a cart and stack the right color platforms. If you stack the wrong color, your tower gets lower and if you hit a wall you lose completely! Finally, you give your stacked tower a good kick to get a huge score boost. You can spend your earned money either on upgrading the score boost limit, the kick power or the speed with which you run and collect the platforms. The game doesn’t end there. At some level points you can unlock new pathways, curves or bridges, so the game gets more difficult as it progresses.
  3. Humbug
    Humbug is the most, good looking mobile game of this top 5 list, published by Dunderbit. As a player you move insects… yuck! But the artwork is so nice, that it makes them cute, it’s a puzzle!! The goal is simple. All the insects need to reach a destination tile in a particular amount of moves, but each bug has a different moving style in a sense. So actually, this is the real puzzle… If you are a board gamer, Humbug is really similar to Hive, in which of course you need to surround your opponent’s queen bee, but yet again each bug has its unique way of moving. Snail moves one tile, spider stops only if she finds obstacles, ladybug moves 3 tiles if she finds no obstacle, the cricket can jump over infinite bugs, the bee can fly over 2 tiles and if her destination is occupied then she jumps additional tiles until one is free, the butterfly does the same for 3 tiles and the list goes on.
  4. Woodturning 3D
    Woodturning 3D is another hypercasual mobile game with a compelling mechanism, by Voodoo. If you have even a little bit of OCD and enjoy spending your time watching videos of people making a glass horse statue in something like 30 seconds, building a wall in 15 seconds, peeling potatoes like a machine, making a 5 floor cake in 1 minute or peeling 100 watermelons in 10 seconds, then Woodturning is your mobile game! Woodturning is a simulator, where as a player you need to carve some shaped items out of wood. As skillful as you can handle the different shaped chisels, the closest you can get to the desired outcome. Don’t forget to polish with a special sponge and then paint, so your customers will be satisfied. With the money you earn you can upgrade your shop or buy new, more sophisticated chisels or sponges.
  5. Ball Blast
    Ball Blast is yet another mobile game published by Voodoo. If you remember those arcade spaceship-alien, fixed shooter video games, then Ball Blast is one and the same. If not, then… it’s a fixed shooter game! As a player you handle a cannon that constantly fires bullets and you need to shoot and blast out of the sky huge balls that randomly bounce on earth. Each ball that falls has an amount of levels, so upgrade your cannon enough to blast them in time, before there are too many of them to handle. Ah! and don’t forget to aim!

I hope you enjoyed this top 5! Have you played any other mobile games lately?

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