Top 5 reasons why we love hyper-casual Mobile Games!

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Hyper-casual mobile games have been dominating our smart devices for a few years now. Have you ever wondered why they are so great though? Keep reading to know the top 5 reasons why!

  1. Simple and beautiful design. Often 2D flat design, with a simple color pallet, and geometrical shapes!
  2. Straight into the gameplay. Most hyper-casual games give you a complete, first game loop in less than 5 seconds!
  3. Short game loops. The shorter the game loop, the more opportunity there is for the player to start up the game for another quick round.
  4. High replayability. Replaying a hyper-casual game is the only way to master it and beat your previous self, as well as your friends!
  5. Intense focus. During play, your entire focus must be on the screen! Lose it for a second, and you’re probably dead!

These are a few reasons why we find hyper-casual games interesting! What about you? Let us know why you love hyper-casual games!

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