Top 5 location-based Mobile Games

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The weather is getting better, for the northern hemisphere, with the Covid restrictions starting to be more relaxed by the day. So lets “take the streets” and play these location-based, augmented reality (AR) mobile games!

  1. Orna
    Orna by Cutlass is a mix of classic turn-based RPG and Geocaching. Like a proper RPG game there are dungeons to explore in 8-bit pixel graphics with a small modern twist, but instead of using your thumbs, you use your own feet! Level up and progress through over 50 in-game character classes, challenge other players in a PvP arena, collect items, fight monsters and bosses.
  2. Geocaching
    And once we are on geocaching, next is… Geocaching by Groundspeak. Get ready for the largest treasure hunt! So, go outside and challenge yourself to find secret locations, solve challenging puzzles and connect with other geo-players. You will need to navigate to the cache by using a map, compass, or driving directions and connect with other players for tips, hints, and more.
  3. Ingress Prime
    Next on the list is again a location-based mobile game from the fantasy side. In Ingress Prime there is a secret world hidden from us, being revealed into our reality at various hotspots. Pick a side among the two Factions and explore the world around you to collect valuable resources using your Ingress Scanner. Work together with agents from your neighborhood and around the world and dominate territories for your Faction.
  4. Run an Empire
    Did you ever had the feeling that our world is nice, but it would be so much cooler if it was always in the Medieval period? In Run an Empire you run, as in manage, an empire by… running! Actually now you can also cycle, but anyway. Go around your neighborhood, area or city and start building your own empire, collect resources, fight your neighbors and friends to capture nearby castles and earn great fortunes.
  5. Pokemon GO
    Of course no such list can miss Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO has been a sensation when released back in 2016, managing to get millions of people off their couches in an attempt to become Pokemon trainers and of course, catch em all! Being the most thematic of all the location-based mobile games that we have seen, it had a great opportunity to expand on various gaming elements such as collection building, team forming, battling and trading, all of which made spending time on the game both fun and addictive!

So, get outside and start experiencing the augmented reality!!

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