Top 5 freeze Board Games for Christmas 2019!

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December is already here and I bet you are all counting down to Christmas! Well, what would Christmas be without a nice board game for friends and family during a cold winter’s evening?! Here are the top 5 board games you should definitely play or even buy for a present this Christmas!

1. Christmas Tree: Without a doubt, a Christmas tree should come first on this list! In this game, 2-4 players are trying to decorate their trees, placing ornament cards on them. Each round, players will have a personal objective card, showing them the most efficient way to attach the ornaments to their tree and score points. After three rounds, the player with the most points wins. The game comes with 3 different game types (basic, family, advanced), so it can be played by everyone and it always ends with a beautiful table presence of decorated Christmas trees!
2. Yeti: In this snowy adventure, 2-5 mountaineers are looking for traces of the legendary Snowman, the Yeti! Players will be rolling dice and taking actions like buying better equipment or climbing up the mountain, based on the results they chose to keep. Your ultimate goal is to score the most points out of finding the Yeti’s footprints and taking photos of it! But you have to be careful and fast because the bad weather might end the hunt faster than you thought… A great choice for a night with the family.
3. Munchkin Christmas Lite: If you’re not familiar with the Munchkin series, then this is a great opportunity to start with this Christmas edition, which is an introduction to the game. The rules are simple and pretty much the same; you reveal dungeon cards, defeat monsters and get the treasure cards, which will improve your equipment and level you up faster. The one who reaches level 10 first is the winner! Every aspect of this game is hilarious and winning or not, it can guarantee you a lot of Christmas laughter! It can also be used as an expansion to the basic game.
4. Race to the North Pole: In this racing game, each player has an expedition team starting from their camp, trying to reach the North Pole (the middle of the game board). The adventurers use cards to move through an “arctic maze” made out of ice cracks, but the unique part of the game is the double-layered board itself! Every time a storm occurs, the top layer rotates and the maze changes significantly! It’s a light, fun game that plays in less than an hour and it also includes a free app, that adds a lot of new content and it makes things simpler!
5. Stone Age: Anniversary: Let’s go back to prehistoric times, where life wasn’t that easy. This euro-style game is all about gathering resources, building houses and helping your tribe survive through these harsh times. This is the new edition of the successful worker placement game, Stone Age, which comes with a revised rulebook and introduces a lot of new stuff to its fans, although this time the winter has come to stay!

Which board games do you enjoy playing during the Christmas holidays? We’d love to know your choices!

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