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Most board games require a combination of strategy and luck. You’ll have to think of a right-time, clever move or plan ahead, in order to finally become the winner. Some games though, don’t stop there; above all else, they demand your dexterity skills! Who hasn’t played Jenga or Subbuteo in their childhood? Well, here’s a list of some great games you should play along with your dexterous friends.

  1. PitchCar (1995)
    PitchCar is a simple car-racing game that players of any age could play and will surely bring to the table a lot of enjoyment and crazy, memorable moments! Large, wooden pieces are used to construct the race track, which can differ in size and difficulty from game to game. It’s very easy to teach, as what you’re basically trying to do is use your fingers to flick your car further around the track and reach the finish line first. It’s for up to 8 players or ever more if you can afford a second copy of the game or any of its expansions.
  2. Flick ’em Up! (2015)
    Assuming you are living in the Wild West, would you become a reckless outlaw to rob banks and free your imprisoned fellows or would you like to be the Sheriff, trying to protect your town from these dangerous bandits? Well, in Flick ’em Up you can choose any cowboy lifestyle you like and play the great adventures, following the scenarios or even create your own! A bunch of buildings, cowboys and other items are set on the table, forming the town where players flick their discs, in order to move their pawns and achieve their goals.
  3. Ghost Blitz (2010)
    Ghost Blitz is a humorous game of quick thinking and reaction for 2-8 players. The game consists of five wooden pieces and a deck of cards. Each round the items are collected on the table and a card is revealed. Based on the image shown on it, the players simultaneously try to grab the right item first! Sounds pretty easy, but the cards can be tricky, as objects may appear in a wrong color… Reflexes are the key to win! The game comes in a small box, which makes it portable and playable almost everywhere.
  4. Catacombs – 3rd Edition (2015)
    Who says all dexterity games have to be competitive? Catacombs is an award-winning, cooperative game set in a fantasy world, where heroes try to save the town from the threat lurking in its catacombs. The game rules are simple; once more, players flick discs that represent monsters or heroes, but the unique part is that each pawn has a different special ability and way it reacts! As the campaign progresses the rooms become more challenging and the heroes will have to master their finger-flicks to make it to the end of this adventure!
  5. Dungeon Fighter (2011)
    In Dungeon Fighter, a party of up to 6 heroes enters deep into a dungeon, trying to find its most precious treasures and defeat the evil, final boss! It is a humorous, fully cooperative board game where players fight monsters, acquire unique items and use special abilities, all by rolling dice on the target-board; but not in a common way… There will be situations where you’ll have to hit a specific number zone, by throwing the dice behind your back, with your elbow or even under your leg! Do you think you got the heroic dexterity it takes?!

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