Top 5 Board Games for Valentine’s Day 2020!

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Valentine’s Day is almost here! Are you thinking of a special dinner followed by a movie with the one you love or maybe a board game evening for two or even both? So, if you’re planning on staying inside for the next few days and spending some quality time with your couple, then here are the top 5 board games you should definitely put on the table!

  1. Patchwork (2014)
    In Patchwork, 2 players are competing for the most aesthetic patchwork quilt! Each player has their personal board which they’re trying to fill with tetris-style patch pieces, before their time marker reaches the last space on the time track. On a turn, a player can buy a patch for the cost of buttons and time; and here’s the strategic part. Will you go for the bigger patches, filling your quilt faster or will you go for the smaller ones which may pay you better when the “button income” time comes? Do you want to buy a button-low-cost piece, saving some for later buys or a time-low-cost one, so you can let your game last longer?…
  2. Fog Of Love (2017)
    Two people meet and fall in love; but sometimes it takes more to make things work… Fog of Love is a thematic game, a romantic journey of an unusual relationship of two fictional characters that you and your partner will be creating throughout the game. It has a lot of role playing and storytelling elements and each game is a different love story to be unfolded. Each player will have to make tough choices individually or maybe difficult compromises, but maintaining the right balance will be the key to a successful relationship.
  3. Codenames Duet (2017)
    To those who are not familiar with Codenames, it is a very popular party game, where 2 teams are trying to solve a words puzzle as fast as they can. The board is made of a 5×5 grid of cards, where each one shows a unique word. The team’s leader gives a one-word clue, trying to point to multiple words on the board. Then their teammates must guess the correct words, while avoiding those that belong to the opposing team. Now, Codenames Duet uses just the same core mechanism, but has a totally different feel, because it’s a game for 2 players only and this time they’re working together! It’s a simple and fun game that plays in less than thirty minutes.
  4. Jaipur (2009)
    In this fast-paced, trading game, each player is buying, exchanging, and selling goods in the city of Jaipur, competing for the recognition of the best trader! Your turn is simple; you can either take goods or camels from the market or you can sell goods for getting chips (victory points). The trick here is that the chips’ values decrease as the game progresses, so you have to sell fast, but on the other hand, you receive increasingly high rewards for selling multiple cards of the same good at a time. If you manage to balance these then you may have a chance for the trader’s title!
  5. Pagoda (2014)
    This game takes us back to old times of East Asia, where 2 players compete to build ancient pagodas! Players must use their cards wisely in order to construct pillars, floors and roofs for each pagoda, scoring the most points out of it. Each round is very simple, there’s an excellent balance between strategy & luck and it has beautiful game-growth as the game progresses. Highly recommended!

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