Top 5 Board Games for the Summer!

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Summer has finally arrived! Are you ready for a cool, refreshing cocktail, along with a hot, colorful board game? Well, I can’t say if you fancy the cocktails or if a cold beer would do just fine, but if you love gaming as much as we do, here are the top 5 board games you should take with you in your summer holidays or even play at home with friends in a day of scorching heat.

  1. Hive Pocket (2010)
    Hive Pocket is an abstract strategy game for 2 players, where each player has their own team of bugs, trying to capture (surround) their opponent’s queen bee first. By placing the pieces, the players create the hive (game board) and thereon each bug has its unique way of moving. It’s the travel-size edition of the game Hive; originally published in 2000. Furthermore, it includes the Mosquito & Ladybug expansion pieces. The game is made up of just 26 pieces that come inside a small bag, which could easily fit in your pocket! It’s the perfect game for chess-style game lovers and it can be played almost anywhere, even at the beach!
  2. Santorini (2016)
    Santorini is a competitive abstract strategy game, where 2-4 players are actually trying to build the city of Santorini, using the powers of ancient Greek Gods! The rules are simple and on a turn, a player must move one of their builders and then construct a building level adjacent to the builder they moved. The first player to move either of their builders up to the third level of a building is the winner. Sounds simple, but you can find much more strategic depth once you become an experienced player and start using your God’s ability…
  3. Port Royal (2014)
    In Port Royal 2-5 merchants (players) are trying to earn as much influence as they can through trades with the locals. On your turn, you just draw cards from the deck, until you decide to stop or two ships of the same color appear (where your turn ends immediately). If you stopped earlier than that, then you get to buy cards from those you’ve drawn, which provide you with abilities, influence or gold… It is a fun, push your luck, card game, where you always have to balance your greed for more and the fear of ending your turn with no profit at all.
  4. Forbidden Island (2010)
    The island is sinking and a team of brave adventurers has come to claim its treasures before everything is lost deep into the sea! Forbidden Island is a cooperative game, where 2-4 players move around places, collecting items and clues that will lead them to the 4 treasures. As the game progresses, the island tiles (places) sink and it gets even harder for the team to reach their goal. It is the perfect choice for introducing new players to the genre of cooperative games.
  5. Tortuga 1667 (2017)
    Tortuga 1667 is a party game of bluff, back-stabbing and teamwork for 2-9 pirates! When the game begins, each player is given a secret loyalty card and throughout the game you have to find your teammates and work together to get the most treasures from the Spanish galleon. Players move between the two pirate ships and the island of Tortuga, performing actions that will help them get chests or important information. Will you trust your captain and help them succeed in their attack or will you maroon them on the island, taking their place?

We’d love to know which board games do you love playing during your summer holidays. Share your choices in the comments!

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