Top 5 auto battler Mobile Games

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Auto battler also known as auto chess is a new genre of games! This is my top 5 list of this type of mobile games that you can play them now for free and they have huge player bases!

  1. Might & Magic: Chess Royale
    This game released late on January of 2020 by Ubisoft. It combines the usual strategy elements of auto-battlers with the 1vs99 battle royale mechanism. Chess Royale is the latest game of a 35 year old series, Might and Magic. The biggest pro of this game is its fast pace with matches that lasts 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Hearthstone
    This is probably the most unique game of this list. It started as a new battle mode in hearthstone but its mechanisms made it so unique that it’s absolutely great. The reason is that instead of trying to make an auto-chess out of their universe they took their existing mechanism and made an auto battler alternate.
  3. Dota Underlords
    This started as a community made custom mod of Dota 2 and it was the first of the genre. After a few months Valve made a game out of this mod and named it Dota Underlords and it was very good. They try to evolve it and balance everything all the time. I think of the mechanism that introduced first was the item system and the neutral waves.
  4. Teamfight Tactics
    Riot couldn’t be out of this genre so they made team fight tactics where you can find your most loved characters of league of legends. The game has all the standard elements of autobattlers and they managed to make the match a bit shorter than the rest of the autobatlers (except chess royale). The most unique a nice mechanism they have introduced to the genre is the drafting carousel rounds which is one of the coolest comeback mechanism.
  5. Auto Chess
    Auto chess is developed by the team that had the original idea and made the community custom made mod of dota. They have ditched the Dota 2 lore but you can easily find the dota character counterparts. The team decided to go deep, the game could be more strategic and could have more things that you have to think but simple mistakes might have catastrophic consequences.

These are my top 5 Auto-battler games as from May 2020. Have you played any of those games? Which is your favorite game of the genre?

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