Top 3 turn based tactical RPG Mobile Games

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There are real-time strategy mobile games, but there are also turn based tactical RPG mobile games. Both are strategy sub-genres and both can be massively multiplayer online games, aka MMO, but they have much different gameplay feel with the later using very strongly the auto battler, also known as auto chess, mechanism. This Top 3 turn based tactical RPG list, besides having amazingly cute art style, has also inspiring music, so let’s jump into it!

  1. Darkfire Heroes
    In Darkfire Heroes by Rovio Entertainment Corporation you can collect and battle with more than 50 heroes from 6 unique factions. You cast magic spells and unleash powerful special attacks, upgrade your heroes and customize your gear to fight in a massive campaign. Play with knights, sorcerers, archers, clerics, wizards, assassins, warriors, priests all with unique special attacks and custom battle skills against deadly bosses who will give you valuable loot. If that is not enough, show your skills in real-time battle and dominate the PvP Arena level. Play with friends and other players from around the world. Climb the Trophy Road rankings and claim loot with your squad.
  2. Taptap Heroes:Void Cage
    Taptap Heroes is a turn based tactical RPG mobile game by Ajoy Lab Games. As you have probably already guessed it, Taptap Heroes, has a tapping feature, which adds a twist to the idle RPG genre. Tap the screen to defeat the various ‘waves of enemies’ before you progressing to an idle boss battle, but once you log out of the game your heroes will fight automatically. Use soul to upgrade more than 200 heroes across 6 different factions and collect coins and diamonds in daily basis. Play with friends in the action-packed Guild Arena which enables you to play guild-boss battles and join different guild factions and rise through the leaderboards and see how you rank against other players online.
  3. I Am Hero: AFK Tactical Teamfight
    I Am Hero is the last in our list, also with the word “hero” in it, using the idle and auto battler mechanisms, by Imba Games. Once more you need to collect and upgrade dozens of legendary heroes from different races and classes such as Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Warlock etc. Each hero has unique abilities and traits, so combine them properly to unlock powerful bonuses. Train your heroes while you’re away and let them auto fight to gain lots of riches and rewards. Finally join multiplayer guild boss battles, climb the season leaderboards with your best heroes battlling in different arena.

Have you played another idle auto battler turn based tactical RPG mobile game?

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