Top 3+1 Tower Defense Mobile Games

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Some time ago we had a Top 3 about real-time strategy MMO mobile games. This time we are gonna talk about another strategy sub-genre, tower defense! But let’s skip the boring history stuff of the genre and what its characteristics are and jump right into one more Top 3!

  1. Toy Defense Fantasy – Tower Defense Game
    First one in the list is Toy Defense Fantasy – Tower Defense Game made by Melsoft Games. Your medieval fantasy kingdom is being attacked by dragons, trolls, orcs and goblins. Your goal? Hold the line of one wave after the other. During the battle you need to improve, fix, heal your defenses and upgrade your warriors. Build and command all manner of archery, ballista and Wildfire turret towers and recruit hero commanders such as the Elite Archer, Mercenary Goblin and Fire Wizard, but don’t forget to use spells and other skills to your advantage. Toy Defense has amazing polished art, but with a similar gameplay, worth mentioning for its unique and simple art style is Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warriors – Tower Defense from Bravestars Games.
  2. Castle Creeps TD – Epic tower defense
    Next in our Tower Defense list is Castle Creeps TD – Epic tower defense from the creators of Alien Creeps TD – Epic tower defenseOutplay Entertainment Ltd. Similarly with the above, again in a fantasy world, in Castle Creeps as a player you need to bring your hero to “lead” your fortifications in a brawl mode to victory against ogres and goblins. Recruit and level up mighty Heroes, build, upgrade, sell and repair your defenses on the fly to outwit the horde!
  3. Wild Sky TD: Tower Defense Legends in Sky Kingdom
    Last, but not least is Wild Sky TD: Tower Defense Legends in Sky Kingdom by Crunchy Studio LLC. Once more the Tower Defense mechanism in a fantasy world as common factor with RPG style beauty. Form your own strategies, deploy your heroes, towers and magic spells, upgrade your deck and live the fantasy experience Wild Sky has to offer! Play with friends or solo in PvE quests, daily trials, tournaments and asynchronous Coop and PvP events.
  4. Bloons TD Battles
    As a bonus for this time I have Bloons TD Battles from Ninja Kiwi. Bloons starting back in 2007, has also been a browser game, so probably it will bring nostalgic memories for some of you. Basically, your defenses are 22 powerful monkey-towers with 8 upgrades, popping balloons. Battles is specially designed for multiplayer combat, featuring 18 custom head-to-head tracks, incredible towers and upgrades, all-new attack and defense boosts, and the ability to control bloons directly and send them charging past your opponent’s defenses. Play 27 custom Battles tracks in Assault, Defensive, Battle Arena and Card Battles modes and claim your achievements.

Tower Defense games are very old in the video game industry and they always bring a nostalgic feeling! Is there a tower defense mobile game that you think I should have added in this list?

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