Top 3+1 reasons why play Magic Arena today!

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Magic: The Gathering is the father of card games. First introduced in 1993, it has raised most of whom we today call millennials. However, it’s one of the last card games to properly transition to the digital age!

Following Hearthstone’s lead, Magic: The Gathering, can now be played on PCs under the name of Magic Arena! Unlike some previous attempts of Wizards of the Coast, the company behind Magic, to create digital versions of the game, this time the game is identical to the paper version.

But what’s the benefit over the paper version, you may ask? Well, here are 3+1 reasons to start playing Magic Arena today!

  1. It’s free!!! Anyone else excited about that? If you were like me, you probably have spent a fortune on trading card games. Pokemon, YuGiOh, Magic: The Gathering… I’ve purchased tons of extremely expensive paper over my childhood years and even more during adulthood! Magic Arena is finally a completely free version of Magic. Of course you can purchase more packs in the game with real money. But you don’t need money to make progress in the game. And that’s a winner for me!
  2. It’s “farmable”. Do you remember the days when a Magic deck’s cost reached close to 1000€? Yes, I’m not kidding… Your deck consists of 60 cards and an additional 15 card sideboard. Sometimes you had to use a playset (4 identical copies) of a card costing 50€ each and thus leading you to a total of 200€ just for 4 cards. Forget that! In Magic Arena you can craft any card by using Wildcards! It doesn’t matter if you craft a card that’s priced 200€ or 2€ in its paper version. In the digital version they just cost “1 Wildcard”!. And how do you earn Wildcards? Just enjoy playing the game and you will end up with a bunch of them by winning matches and opening packs! You may say, “but isn’t this the same argument as the one before about the game being free?”. Well, kinda. Here I focus more on the gameplay experience you get when having the option to progressively build your collection by playing the game, doing quests and competing in tournaments!
  3. It’s minimal. I’m currently in the process of selling my physical collection. Let me tell you… these cards are everywhere! Tons of paper, cluttering my life and drawers. Don’t get me wrong. I used to be an avid collector and I know the emotional value of having the “real thing” in your hands, or in these cases, perfectly placed in huge card albums. As I grew up and my professional life got more demanding, I just wanted to be able to enjoy the game without all its maintenance cost. Now my collection is automatically organised, cards that I own more than 4 copies of are slowly turned into Wildcards and I can play Magic anywhere my laptop and I go!
  4. It has a global community! Ok this is a bonus one but a very important one in my opinion. If you live in a small city like I do, chances are that you won’t have a big enough community to consistently enjoy FNMs (Friday Night Magic events) and pre-releases. With Magic Arena, you’re sure to find someone to play with, or rather against, anytime of the day!

Have you transitioned from Magic: The Gathering to Magic Arena yet? Do you keep playing both? Are you super loyal to the paper version? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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