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The orbital mechanism is very common on mobile games. We are sure that you have already played quite a few games which feature this mechanism. Here’s a list of our favorite ones!

Probably the first mobile game to use this mechanism and also the basic inspiration for HydroPyro. In Skyward you are in a world with beautiful colors and geometric shapes. The two circles rotate and you tap on the screen when you want to take a step. After two full spins of inactivity you lose and if you are playing on hard mode, one spin is enough to lose. As you progress the track collapses as a new path appears. It is also a very impressive game due to its isometric view, which makes it feel like you do not always play at one level.

Grass Cut
In Grass Cut you operate two blades that rotate and cut the grass. Your goal is to cut all the grass on the track. In some places there is also sea, which you must avoid because if you fall in, you lose. As you cut, flowers appear that give you some special ability such as cutting at a greater distance. As you progress through the levels, the speed of rotation increases making the game more difficult.

Beat Tiles
In Beat Tiles you follow the rhythm. You are in an environment with many colors and strong effects. Music plays at the background and sets the rhythm. As the two dots you control rotate, you have to tap when one is in the center of the tile that appears and of course it is on the music number. If you go out of rhythm you lose! So, in order to win you have to “feel the rhythm”.

In Hydropyro you control the elements of fire and water which must always be in balance. Many mountains are occupied by one element so you have to collect their energy and neutralize it while collecting energy from the other side also. What’s specian in HydroPyro is that if you get carried away and take a lot fire, then the music of the game will become more aggressive, with a minimal sense of peace! Respectively, if you cause imbalance by taking more water, the music will be less vibrant. At the same time, the earth element will help you move slower and more steadily, with less risk but also less rewards. While the element of air will offer you much more with the risk of losing them all at once, as you move faster!

So, have you played any game with the orbital mechanism? If so then you will definitely find HydroPyro interesting too!

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