Top 3 Multiplayer online battle arena Mobile Games

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Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA for short, is a strategy video game sub-genre, in which each player controls a single character as part of a team, competing against another team of players, usually on a map in an isometric perspective. Here are the top 3 MOBA mobile games that we think you should definitely check out!

  1. Zooba: Free-for-all Zoo Combat Battle Royal Games
    Zooba Battle Royal was developed by Wildlife Studios Limited and released in 2018. Zooba is a  MOBA mobile game available on iOS and Android. Same as in all MOBA games, in Zooba you can choose from 15 characters and, as you have probably already guessed, they are all animal-man, coming from the… zoo, and each one of them possessing unique abilities. As a player you need to fight in a 20-player arena in “battle royal” style. To manage that, first of all you need to equip your items and upgrade your heroes by collecting daily prizes. How to win daily prizes you ask? Collect multiple guns on the battleground to get stronger and shoot your opponents to win! There are many battle modes all having one thing in common: Avoid getting caught by the guards or by the fire in the arena. Its cartoonish figures is what makes it unique and maybe more attractive to children. So don’t think twice to join your kids or friends on the Zooba arena!
  2. Tanks Brawl: Fun PvP Battles!
    Tanks Brawl was developed by Tetrox Limited. Similarly with Zooba, but at the same time not, Tanks Brawl is a Multiplayer online battle arena mobile game, but instead of cartoonish animal-man characters, you have realistic tanks battling in real looking maps, such as villages or open fields. Lead your team, with each tank’s own unique Super ability, to victory inside the arena. Hide in forests to ambush your opponents, take cover behind the village’s houses, fire from far behind and don’t let your opponents across the bridge, or hold your ground like a true “tank”, in not less than 5 different battling modes. Radiowave, Last Stand, Metal grab, Winter challenge and Bridge map challenge, all requiring different tactics. MAUS, KV-2, T-34, SU-8 and other tanks from WW2 and not only, wait from you to customize their gear, level them up and boost their Super abilities.
  3. Brawl Stars
    Being a Clash of Clans gamer for years, I was excited when Supercell announced the release of its new mobile game Brawl Stars on December 2018. Brawl Stars is an amazing mobile game in the MOBA sub-genre and has a kind of western theme. As in Zooba and Tanks Brawl, in Brawl Stars you can choose from a big variety of characters – brawlers – and fight in many different maps. Each brawler has a very different gameplay than the rest, so you need to know both how to play with all the brawlers, but also how to defeat them. You can collect and upgrade them, each one having their own unique Super ability. At the moment there are 6 main playing modes: Gem Grab (3v3) where you need to collect and hold 10 gems to win, Showdown (Solo/Duo) where you fight in “battle royale” style for survival, Bounty (3v3) where you need to take out opponents to earn stars without getting picked off, Heist (3v3) where you need to protect your team’s safe and try to crack open your opponents, Brawl Ball (3v3) where you need to show off your soccer/football skills and score two goals before the other team and finally Special Events. Brawl Stars releases regularly new updates with new brawlers to level them up with power points, skins, maps, special events and game modes, so you can play with your friends or clan-mates and climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings.

Do you agree with this Top selection? Do you have an other Multiplayer online battle arena mobile game in mind that you prefer?

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