Top 3 long term Mobile Games to play in 2020

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Have you played any of the games below? These long term mobile games need some serious patience!

  1. Homescapes
    Everyone has played a match-3 puzzle game at some point in their lives. Homescapes is this kind of game where you need to swap two adjacent elements to complete a row, column or group of at least three of the same elements. As you play you earn stars to complete tasks around the house and progress by renovating the house. I should also mention that special events are an important aspect of the game. And for the outdoors lovers Playrix also offers Gardenscapes 😉
  2. Home Designer – Dream House Hidden Object
    Talking about house renovations, Home Designer – Dream House Hidden Object is similar to “Homescapes” in the sense that your goal is to redesign a house. This time though, you have more realistic art and not only a match-3 mechanism but in order to earn coins you also need to find hidden objects in really messy rooms, like Cheryl’s apartment from the “The One with the Dirty Girl” episode of the popular series “Friends” 😛
  3. Township
    Township is another game of Playrix. It is a game which combines city-building and farming. As a player you harvest crops, run processing facilities and sell goods to earn XP and coins to get more kinds of crops, factories, community buildings and decorations. An aspect I found amazing is that you can really shape the landscape as you like! Interaction between players is also possible, occasional solo or alliance events, all so you can help yourself and your friends with faster progress in a really long term game!! Patience, you must have 😀

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