Top 3 expanding idle Mobile Games

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In idle or incremental games, the player performs a simple action, which rewards them with some kind of currency. Since the first idle mobile games, there have been many variations on the gameplay mechanics. From companies that are new in the area to companies like Codigames, that are focused on idle games, this is a top 3 idle mobile games list, where as a player you expand, or grow, a starting given surface, no matter if it’s a construction, a raft or even a whole island!

  1. Idle Construction 3D
    Idle Construction 3D is a 3D mobile game, developed by the specialized in idle games publisher, Green Panda Games. It is more of the clicker games genre, where if you click, your construction goes faster. What you need to do? Become a construction manager, by building everything from small houses to the most famous buildings. Keep in balance the levels of your earnings, the speed that your workers construct and the number of your workers. When you finish a building your upgrades don’t reset, you are just left with a nice “portfolio” of constructed buildings.

  2. Idle Arks: Build at Sea
    Idle Arks is again a 3D, single-handed mobile game, developed by BHome. BHome has a small history in developing more idle games, such as Idle Island: Build and Survive. In Idle Arks, there is a kinda post-apocalyptic concept where worldwide floods were so massive and floodwaters cascaded through the towns and countries, bordering rivers and creeks… As a player you need to create and expand an ark, drift at sea, save other survivors, rebuild cities, and explore unknown civilizations! Collect wood, floating bottles, treasure chests and other mystery construction materials through swimming, without getting bored with different weather backgrounds.

  3. Penguin Isle
    From Habby, the creators of Archero, Penguin Isle is another expanding idle mobile game. Penguin Isle has been created with much attention to aesthetics, from beautiful art to relaxing and well matching music, Habby created an idle mobile game in a much relaxing atmosphere, with some simple and unique mechanics. As a player, you start small with a lone habitat and add different penguins with their own jobs or skills such as builders, fishermen, farmers and other, to create a colony of penguin pals. Many smaller mechanisms give a new perspective and freshen up the idle mechanism.

Do you have another idle mobile game which has kind of a similar concept where you expand your given surface or even another idle game that you find fascinating? Share it with us and let us know why it’s special for you!!