Top 3 Castle Defense Mobile Games

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A couple of months ago I really enjoyed doing a Top 3 Tower Defense post, so this time we are gonna talk about Top 3 Castle Defense and you’re gonna ask obviously, what’s the difference?! Well it’s all about perspective, it’s like you have zoomed in and trying to defend… your castle!!

  1. Castle Defender: Hero Idle Defense TD
    In Castle Defender by Unimob, you need to defend your castle from massive waves of enemies. Upgrade and equip more than 30 heroes and use their great skills during the battle. Throw spells such as freeze and tornado to the zombies and tap your screen with the ultimate defense bow. Besides the 30 and more heroes, there is a variaty of maps (Forest, Temple, Sea, Cave and Labyrinth), more than 250 levels and lots of different monsters running wild, each with their own special attacks.
  2. Grow Empire: Rome
    Another more historical castle defense is Grow Empire: Rome by Game Station Studio. If you are not into historical themed games, don’t judge the gameplay, as the company has also made almost the same game in a magical world, called Game of Warriors. Upgrade 1000 building level defenses and 30 mighty soldiers to survive 1500 waves of 4 different “races” and siege to conquer, more than 100 enemy territories.
  3. Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense
    Wild Castle TD is from the creators of Wild Sky TD: Tower Defense Legends in Sky KingdomCrunchy Studio LLC that was mentioned in the Top 3 Tower Defense. Wild Castle is in the same universe with Wild Sky, literally zooming in one the of the “towers” of Wild Sky. Similarly it has beautiful art and music and they have made an amazing work to make the game mechanisms so compelling. Collect and upgrade more than 60 fantasy RPG style heroes (that you may remember from Wild Sky) and combine their unique skills to perfect your strategy. But of course you also need to take care of your… castle! Make the perfect combo with your hero skills, gear, talents, defenses (also most of them from Wild Sky) and supporting town buildings and fight wave after wave, boss after boss in different battling modes. There is an Auto-battle option, to earn rewards, but you will not want to use it!

Have you played a tower defense game, but from the perspective of a castle?!

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