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It’s been already three weeks since the last update on Riverbed Hunt, but the progress on designing hasn’t stopped. The main subject of our previous post was the Cardboard Edison competition and our attempt to create some publicity around our game. Well, since we’re still waiting for the competition results, we thought of improving as many minor aspects of the game as possible, trying to add some replayability to the game. Let me be a little more specific.

One of the first things we wanted to increase was the variability of the “river cards” (the cards laid on the river/game board). So far, these cards contained only the items that each team was looking for. More accurately, when such a card was flipped, the showing item would be considered as collected by the corresponding team. But what if the card had some text on it that would trigger during the flip, we thought. With that in mind, we created some spicy river cards, called “special river cards”, which players may use during the setup, in exchange for the equivalent river cards. The idea was to introduce new players to the basic game as it was, while giving some extra options for the more experienced ones, who would enjoy some cool combinations and unexpected results.

Along with the special river cards, another relevant idea was born; that of the single gold coin river card. Before that, every card on the board would hide an item corresponding to one of the basic teams (merchants or patriots). Of course, some of these cards also contained a gold coin, but always as an additional symbol to the first; no river card was there to purely count towards the profiteer’s win. Why!? To be honest, I have no clear answer to this. Seems like sometimes you just have to wait until something unexpectedly helps you originate even a simple –but so useful– idea as that! Similar to the special river cards, the single coin would come with a unique effect that, not only boosted the game’s bluff element, but it also helped us balance the profiteer’s gameplay for all player counts that needed it. Soon enough, we realized that this little addition worked so well with the game, that keeping it in every basic setup was an easy choice.

Another thing that we thought of reconsidering was the ability deck. We improved the wording in many ability cards, aiming to create a solid, uniform language for the game and we also added many new ones, based on the suggestions of our play-testers. Now the game has an even better theme-mechanisms match up and we like to think of this as a huge success, because, as I already told you, we’re not making a simple fun-to-play party game, we want its theme to shine!

You don’t believe anything I say? Well, feel free to join us and see for yourself! If you want to help us too and create a great game together, you could freely participate in one of our play-testing events, simply by reaching us on discord and grabbing the play-tester role. A prototype version of the game is up on tabletopia and we’ll be more than happy to meet and have you with us. The world of Tritons awaits you!

Until next time, stay Oddly Legendary!

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