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Our progress on the designing of our latest board game continues with a lot of interesting ideas reaching the table. In the couple previous posts, I introduced you some of the core-game mechanisms that define it. Today, I’m going to give you the details about another important mechanism we put into the game, as well as some minor changes that improved the player’s turn.

To take you straight to the point, after several play-tests with the updated rules, we all agreed that, even though we had succeeded in giving the feel of secrecy through the hidden roles and the deduction mechanisms, the overall flow of the game, still, felt more abstract than we wanted; something was missing. The question that lead us to our answer was: “what do we actually do in this game thematically”? Well, as I already mentioned in our very first post, all we know so far is that we are deep-sea divers, wandering from place to place around the ocean and hunting for hidden treasures… It was then, when we realized that we just had to inject the feeling of exploration into the game somehow; and that’s what we did! On our next play-test, each player had a little pawn to represent them on the board and we created a mechanism, with which everyone was able to move from space to space, viewing and revealing the hidden cards. To keep it simple, this movement action had to replace one of the previous player actions; thus, we chose the most ineffective one. After a couple rounds it was already clear that the idea was a success, giving us the most immersive gaming experience we had so far!

Another thing that we liked at first but ended up being too frustrating for everyone, was the restriction for the execution of the player actions. As I had explained previously, a player could choose any of the four actions during their first turn, but since they were shown in a specific order, any choice would block all the actions to its left, for that player’s upcoming turn(s). To be honest, there was no serious reason things were happening this way, but only the moment we set players free from this restrictive rule, was when we actually realized that. With the new instructions, players were able to choose the order of their actions for themselves. Having said that, each one would be exhausted separately and only one of them would reset the others, making them all available anew.

Although our game seems to have started taking a solid shape and form, I can assure you, this creative journey does not end here. The development of the game continues, so if you want to participate in our play-testing events too and help us create a great game together, don’t hesitate, reach us on discord and join with the play-tester role! A prototype version of the game is up on tabletopia and we’ll be more than happy to have you!

Until next time, stay Oddly Legendary!

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