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As you may already know, we’ve been working really hard on designing a brand new board game, during the last few months. In our previous post, I told you about the first core-game mechanisms that got changed, adding an action selection system, two new roles and variable player powers to the game. But of course, the evolution process of the game wouldn’t stop there…

After play-testing our latest additions to the game for some time, we concluded that the winning conditions of the thief and the scientist were too tough to be met and most importantly, the gameplay of these roles didn’t feel it could blend into the general game idea, as well as we hoped. To be more specific, each one of them was trying to reveal some of the cards on the board in a certain pattern, while everyone else was just trying to find all the items (cards) corresponding to their team. Pulling the game in such different directions was frustrating for everyone, so the new roles had to be reconsidered… Some days later, a new idea was brought to the table as a possible solution. A totally new role, the pirate, was added to the game, replacing the other two. The main difference was that the pirate was after a new item, the treasure map, which could be found on some of the cards that the basic teams were searching for. This way, the game’s bluff element got a significant boost and the gameplay itself felt more solid.

Another thing that needed redevelopment was the variable player powers mechanism we mentioned earlier. Doing something unique in the game was a fun idea, but we couldn’t see a way to make it feel special and game-changing, while keeping the balance between all these powers. When I find myself in such a situation, I always recall a wise advice I once got: “if a solution to a mechanism doesn’t come naturally, don’t force things to make it work; get rid of the mechanism and then make the game work without it”. And so we did! The variable player powers became simpler and turned into a deck of ability cards, which players could get through some of their actions.

To make things spicier, we also thought of adding a little taste of a resource management element to the game, based on these ability cards. To do so, we added the requirement “discard an ability card” to the player’s action which would allow them to reveal a card on the board. The players now would have to decide each time if they would like to keep and play their ability cards or discard them to reach their goal. Although it would have to be well-balanced to work, we knew that this little addition to the rules would greatly improve the tactical aspect of the game, which of course was in our intentions from the beginning of these play-tests.

The game design and development continues, as the best changes are yet to come! If you want to participate too in our play-testing events and help us create a great game together, don’t hesitate, reach us on discord and just ask! A prototype version of the game is on tabletopia and we’ll be more than happy to have you!

Until next time, stay Oddly Legendary!

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