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Back in December of 2019 our game designer, Christopher, brought to the table a great board game idea that ended up being something between a family and a party game, which could be enjoyed from 4 up to 8 players! It was something we’ve never done before…

The feeling of seeing so many people sitting together and having fun with something we created was priceless. And so, sometime later we thought, if this is something we can do well and it brings us so much satisfaction, why not create anew a board game with a few rules that everyone could enjoy? Why not focus on creating a clear party game this time? At that time, being pretty busy with our mobile projects, we couldn’t see to it anytime soon, but the idea would not fade so easily from our minds…

Months later, during the weird autumn of 2020 (considering Covid-19) we put some thought on it in a team meeting and we agreed that such a game should be our next board game project. That discussion was more than enough for Christopher, who came up with a brand new party game idea, less than a week later! Even from the very first description of it, the game sounded really intriguing and we all fell in love with it. The concept involved deep-sea divers who would wander around the ocean bottom, exploring and hunting for hidden treasures! Of course, there were also the bad guys, who would try to sabotage their plans and steal the loot, so mechanically it was a mix of social deduction and hidden roles game; what more could we ask for?! Soon, the first rough play-testing workshops started and for the first few weeks, I can assure you, we had a different game each time. I really enjoy this stage of game design/development, it feels like a newborn which grows so rapidly. Although, my favorite stages are yet to come… Stick around, because a big journey awaits!

The title of this game is still uncertain as well as its theme, probably, but one thing I know is certain, is that the game is fun and playable in a prototype version on tabletopia and of course, we open our play-testing events to new audiences every week. So, if you want to participate too and help us create an awesome game together, reach us on discord today!

Until next time, stay Oddly Legendary!

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