The Mind – Board Game, Gameplay Review

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It is not so difficult to win a game of The Mind . You just have to be a mentalist. It is a collaborative card game in which players simply have to have telepathy.

The goal of the players is to go through all the levels before losing all their lives. Its contents are very simple. 100 cards with numbers from 1 to 100, some life and star cards and of course the level cards. Players each deal as many number cards as the level they are in and their goal is to place them all from the smallest number to the largest. Of course, they can not tell others what cards they have, so here is where telepathy comes into play. A player will only play a card when they read the minds of the others and believe that they have the smallest number. If they drop a card and another player has a smaller number, then the team loses one life.

Few teams have managed to complete all the levels and this makes the game finding its way back to the kitchen tables again and again. You may realize at some point that you had telepathy with some other players, and that is what makes this game impressive!

Have you played The Mind too? If you think you have telepathy you should definitely give it a try.

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