Shake up your lockdown with a board game!

Odd Christmas Tree Summary
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What have you been doing during the lockdown? Too much Netflix? To many video games?
In this devlog we share an alternative way of having fun, as well as some positive ideas and benefits that we found due to the Covid havoc!

Lockdown? No problem!

We won’t talk about Covid here. We hear about that on the news everyday.

What we would like to do though is to give you a call to action today! Being on a lockdown state is a great opportunity for us to connect with our loved ones. And what’s a better way to connect other than a board game? So, turn of the Netflix and YouTube, leave your smartphones aside, and grab your favorite board game to enjoy with your family today!

You don’t have a board game I hear you say? No worries! We got you covered! Download any of our two print and play games now end enjoy it in no time.

Since Christmas is near, we highly recommend Odd Christmas Tree!

Odd Christmas Tree

Odd Christmas Tree is a print and play, secret identity board game, for 4-8 players. Are you an elf or a goblin? What about your teammates? Elves like to decorate the Odd Christmas Tree with shiny balls, while goblins prefer the broken ones. Who will place the most Christmas ornaments on the Odd Christmas Tree?

But wait… What if we are not 4+ people in the house? What if we are just a couple?
Worry not! Again… We got you covered 😉

Download and enjoy Dogs & Bones!

Dogs & Bones

Dogs & Bones is a print and play, tile placement board game, for 2 players. As a player, you control dogs that smell or bark and have different movement abilities. Your goal is to find and dig out bones, while avoiding broken bones or boot traps.

Covid got us thinking

There is always something good in a bad situation. You just have to have your eyes open and grab the opportunities when they present themselves.

For us, we used to perform our playtest in a physical environment with real human interaction. While nothing can beat that, we were forced to start playtesting online. Some of the magic is lost, that’s true. But we won on other areas also!

First of all, it’s way easier to plan those events! Everyone is the comfort of their own house. You just have to figure out a date and time which fits everyone and boom! you have a playtest event ready.

Secondly, it’s way easier to have a bigger pool of playtesters! Before doing “remote playtest events”, we were confined in the players we could find in the areas we lived. Now, we have widened this pool to include friends, family and fans from everywhere!

By the way, if you are interesting on our playtesting events, join our discord server and let us know that you came for board game playtesting. We will be super excited to have you onboard 😀

Conventions and Covid

This month last year we attended AthensCon 2019. But this year, as we all know, is quite different.
Most conventions have been canceled and a few have opened their online doors for companies and enthusiasts to attend. While Covid has forced itself into our lives, and we are in the adaptation process, we can’t but look back at the memories we created on “real live” events in the past and hope to enjoy them once again in the near future.

I’m going to tell you a little secret now…
Sometimes, as a team, we discuss crazy ideas. Ideas that are very far in the future, hard to achieve, and with a lot of impact.
One of these is to create what we call “OddCon”. OddCon would be Odd Staues’ Convention and we have been dreaming about that for quite sometime.

Since Covid came along, and hosting virtual events is dangerously approaching becoming the norm, we couldn’t help but think if OddCon is more doable under this context than we though :thinking:

The future will tell!

Final words

That’s all from us today! Now it’s time for you to share your thoughts.
Leave us a comment below and let us know how you’re passing your time during the lockdown phase.
Are you playing any board games?

If you want to participate on our playtesting events, reach us on discord today!

Until next time, stay Oddly Legendary!

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