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It’s been already more than three months of designing and endless play-testing. During our previous posts we’ve discussed about mechanisms, discarded ideas and important additions to the game, but I can assure you, the past two weeks included some milestone-changes for Riverbed Hunt. Wait a minute, did I just forget to mention that our newest board game got a proper name and theme?! Oh well, let me take things from the start.

After our latest rules’ modifications and the improvement of the pirate’s winning condition, the game felt pretty solid and we could finally start taking about dressing it up with a proper theme. To be honest, this has been spinning in our minds for a while now, but before we could take such big decisions about the game, we had to make sure that its gameplay was satisfying enough and that we wouldn’t have to make any other core-game changes in the future. Our first thoughts were to have a theme that could support simple, cute illustrations and be something that is fit for a party game. It would be a “safe” choice for sure, but it wouldn’t be odd enough; it wouldn’t be us. So the plans quickly changed and something even more interesting was born… The deep-sea divers and their rivals turned into triton merchants & patriots, as for the unique pirate role, its new title was the profiteer. The general idea was that we would now be Tritons (an anthropomorphic, sea-creature race), searching for a rare kelp plant, deep into the one and only river of our land. The merchants want to sell the kelp to humans, while the patriots try to stop them by collecting incriminating clues… Balancing this conflict, the profiteer is the only role who’s secretly helping both sides, coming after their money (at that point, the treasure maps transformed into gold coins). Of course, the game board itself could not stay unaffected by all these changes, so the open sea soon turned into a large, multi-curving river and thus, the game was unanimously named Riverbed Hunt.

Having changed the theme so radically from a casual, light idea to a more thematic, fantasy-world concept, created new potential for the future of our game. It’s been almost two weeks so far and we’ve already discussed the setup of a whole world behind this theme-idea and the possibilities of an expansion unraveling its story! It was almost immediately decided that Riverbed Hunt would become a theme-focused party game, making this its unique element, considering its genre… As you can imagine, in order to continue the play-tests while introducing the new theme to the players, we had to totally remake its appearance. The triton roles, the board, the symbols on the “river cards” that everyone was after; literally everything had to be refreshed. And so we did. Well, we couldn’t take the risk of creating original illustrations that may have to be removed later on, but we did the best we could for replacing all the game’s art with the most suitable placeholders we could find (or roughly create); and I believe the results fairly rewarded us!…

So, if you’re curious to see all these changes by yourselves and feel ready to dive into the world of Tritons, don’t hesitate, reach us on discord and join us in one of our play-testing events. A prototype version of the game is up on tabletopia and we’ll be more than happy to have you. Let’s create a great game together and share the fun of its process!

Until next time, stay Oddly Legendary!

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