Santorini – Board Game, Gameplay Review

Santorini-Board-Game-Gameplay Review
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Santorini is an abstract game for 2-4 players, in which, with the help of gods and creatures of Greek mythology, you try to build small buildings and climb to the top.

In the game each player has a worker whom they place on a spot on the board. In their round they can move their worker by one place to a neighboring point and then, they can build in a neighboring point. The building has 4 levels. The player can only build one level at a time as well as go up to one level with their move. But they can not be in the same place with another player or go up many levels in one turn. And this allows the opponent to make a good tactic to restrict their movements. The player’s goal is to take their worker to the third level and be declared as the winner. Of course this is not easy because the opponents will stop them either by restricting their movements or by covering the top with the fourth part of the building.

The game is very easy to learn and becomes more interesting when the creatures and the gods of mythology are involved. In this case each player gets help from a creature or god that allows them to make different moves to reach victory more easily. Of course, opponents also have similar advantages so each game becomes unique.

Santorini is a game which you can learn in 2 minutes and you can play for hours over and over again. If you like abstract games you will definitely love this one too.

Have you played Santorini too? If so, which god or creature suited you best?

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