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If you are a regular visitor of this blog, you should have probably noticed that we write about our development journey of our upcoming game Idle Village Trader’s Tycoon. We are going to do something similar today, but with a little twist.
You see, today is our one year anniversary since we started putting effort on our social media presence and our branding. Those are “our first Odd steps”, and today we celebrate them!

1 Year on Social Media

One year ago, we had a long, in-person meeting in Koukaki, Athens (Greece) in which we decided that having a social media presence is crucial for our success. So we sat and brainstormed, until we came up with the “themed days”.
We took each day of the week and examined what type of theme would better match the name of the day. And thus, we came up with the following themes.

  • Monday: Motivational Monday
  • Tuesday: Playtest Tuesdays
  • Wednesdays: Top 3/5 Wednesday
  • Thursday: Discovery Thursday
  • Friday: Feedback Friday
  • Saturday: Screenshot Saturday
  • Sunday: Relaxing Sunday

While this is a full list of potentially interesting social media content, we thought about taking it slow in the beginning and start with only 3 posts per week instead of 7.
So, we kept Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays until we felt more comfortable in adding more or in some cases replacing a themed day with another.

After one year, we proudly have created more than 200 pieces of content for our social media, which gave us the chance to share our work with you and gather your feedback, thoughts and ideas, as well as your reactions!

If you are not following us on social media yet, what are you waiting for??

A new face

A bit more than a year ago, we became a team of 6 people when Judit, our graphics designer, joined our team. One of the first things she realized needed refreshing was our logo.
Most of you will probably not remember our first logo, so I will include it in this blog post, so you can compare the two and also share your opinion about which one you like the most.

Old (left) VS New (right) Logo

So, with the help of Judit, soon enough Odd Statue Games had a new face which also lead to working on more brand elements such as our website!

A new web presence

Every entity needs a website nowadays. And a gaming studio even more so.
While we had a website since almost day one of our existence, making a new logo also sparked our inspiration for crafting a new website design.

Odd Statue Games Website Design

Judit got to work again and so we came up with the website that you’re currently navigating. We call this website “Odd Statue Games Website 2.0” and I’m telling you this because we’re already thinking about the 3.0 version of the website, which will be full of amazing surprises and a project which we will be oddly proud about! Stay tunned for more news on that one soon!

A place to write

You are on that place now. It’s our blog! And it came with our 2.0 version of the website.
Before the newest version of our website, we actually blogged on Facebook. We posted huge blog posts as regular Facebook posts. While this worked quite well for the beginning, we soon realized that our blog posts needed a better home.
So, we built a blog inside our website and now we’re linking our website blog posts in Facebook instead of publishing them there.

We believe that this is cleaner both for us and our viewers, as well as a best practice for our website and Facebook at the same time.

Next steps

This was only a glimpse of the progress we did as a team this year, outside of our game projects. Everything that I’ve mentioned above belong in the marketing and branding category of internal work that we do at Odd Statue Games.
This year, we also started working a lot on business development and other mediums of promoting our creative work. In addition, we’re working more into producing more of our own unique content like artlogs, devlogs, devblogs, upcoming events and many more surprises!

I’m looking forward for my next blog post in which I will discuss about those new adventures!

Until next time, reach us on discord and stay Oddly Legendary!