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Welcome back! In today’s post I will get you up to date with the latest news around Odd Statue Games. Usually, we are making steady progress in most areas of our business. However, the past few weeks feel a lot more like a leap than “just progress”. Read on!

Incorporation is in the corner!

We’ve been a team for more than 4 years. But, we have not been an incorporated company yet. This is about to change, very soon!
We are in the process of putting together everything required to “take the next step”, and incorporate.

The feelings are mixed. Excitement, joy, a bit of fear (perhaps). It’s something new for everyone of us after all. But, the scale is always leaning more towards good feelings, and reaching such a milestone is an indication that we are one step closer to realizing our dream as a team!

New projects on the way!

Following the incorporation, we are also shifting around our focus and start dedicating more working hours per week to Odd Statue Games. This, naturally means that we are expanding our efforts and taking on more/new projects!
We’ve always been a “digital and board game” team. The past few months we really focused on our upcoming board game, Riverbed Hunt and this took its toll from the time we could dedicate to our digital projects.

After hours upon hours of planning, we figured out a workflow that allows us to boost our work on digital games, without sacrificing progress on our board game.

We are excited to see how our new plan will work in the near future 😀

Discord server upgrade!

We have done a few updates on our discord server the past 6 months.
Now, I would say that we are preparing an upgrade!!
What does this mean, I hear you ask?

We are about to launch our custom made discord bot in a few weeks! This bot adds game elements in our discord server. Your interaction (posts, reactions, sharing links/images and participating on our playtest events), will now be rewarded with points and achievements!

Join our community and get on the top of the monthly leaderboard 😉

More efficient game design

We also stepped up our game design process by creating a digital survey in order to gather playtester feedback after our playtesting events.
While this will help us mostly with game design decisions, it is also a first step into upgrading our marketing efforts as well!


That’s it for now! There are more news coming soon! So, stay tunned!
I think that this is the perfect moment to share our journey with your friends! Invite them on our discord server and come play our latest game together! We promise a fun and oddly interesting time!

Till next time,
Stay Oddly Legendary!

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