Magic Maze – Board Game, Gameplay Review

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Magic Maze is a cooperative game in which players try to escape from a.. mall. 

The game starts with each player having one or two cards showing a move in a certain direction. So each player has to move their pawns according to the moves shown on their cards. But only they can perform these moves! Nobody else! Players place both the first board and the pawns in various positions. Time starts and the players play simultaneously. They can move any pawn but only in the direction of its cards. So you may have to wait for some moves, leave others for another player and take action when your cards allow it. Of course as long as the players play, they can not talk to each other. All they can do is look each other in the eye with despair, since the best path is harder to see as time goes on. For this case there is also a large Red token which you place in front of a player when you want to make them move and not sleep. The cards also have some special symbols which allow the pawns to perform other movements such as going up with the escalator. As the players progress, more boards are opened, filling the table with many paths. If the players manage to escape before the time is over then they all win together. If they do not catch up then after blaming each other for not making the right moves, they play again from the beginning.

Magic Maze is a nice cooperative game for up to 8 players that can be easily played by a large group and bring lots of fun.

Have you played Magic Maze? If you like real time games then you will definitely like this one!

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