Idle Village Traders Tycoon Devblog #4 – Why create game art?

Idle Village Shirt
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Welcome back to the development journey of Idle Village Traders Tycoon! In the previous devblogs, we mainly focused on the progress we’ve made as a team on this project. Today, I thought about doing this a bit differently and discuss the why in addition to the what.
Of course this doesn’t mean that we won’t showcase some art 😉 Keep reading!

Why custom art in our age?

We are a small team of 6 people and from the 6, only 2 can draw professionally. The rest of us we can barely compete with each other in a pictionary game, stick-figure style! 😛 We are also all holding full time jobs and create games on the side, so you can imagine that time is not something we can easily spare.
So why do we create custom art, instead of purchasing pre-made assets, is a question which could really make the difference between a successful project and a “never delivered attempt”.

This question is really important in our age. We constantly see new games in the Play Store and App Store which have almost identical art, technically called “assets”. Developers buy these assets, usually from the Unity Asset Store, for relatively cheap in order to speed up their development process significantly and cover up their, usually, least strong skill, art.

There is nothing wrong with that! We actually also do that, mainly for testing purposes and for rapid prototyping. However for Idle Village specifically, we decided early on to go a different route. And the reason behind that was “Lore”.

Lore first, then the rest

During our very first steps as a team, we sat down and discussed our values and the character we wanted to instill to our efforts. We examined many “quick” ways of reaching a final result as well as the exact opposite side of the coin. As it usually happens, the best practice lies somewhere in the middle and this for us was the major decision to base our games in a world made by us. That’s what we call lore and it’s the guiding principle of our choices ever since.

So, we decided to give ourselves complete permission to create a world which we didn’t want to alter and patch in order to fit already made art. After that decision, creating our own story, art, and soon music, was the only way to go.

How does this work for us?

So far, we enjoy building our world from the ground up. It’s part of who we are now and whenever we use pre-made art for testing purposes, mainly in the programming area, we instantly notice that something is not feeling right with it.

And that’s why you enjoy our own art and we enjoy making it! So now, take a look at all the art we’ve created during the month of October 2020!


You liked them, we love them, we made more! Please enjoy our coloring process in a timelapse mode!

Idle Village Pants Coloring Time lapse
Idle Village Sandals Coloring Time lapse
Idle Village Leather Hat Coloring Time lapse

Did you enjoy those timelapses? Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more!

Feedback asked

We asked your opinion about the following art pieces.

Final words

We reached again the end of another month and the development process of Idle Village continues. You know that we love having you by our side on this process, take on your feedback and shape the future of this project accordingly. We actually have a discord server where you can talk with us. We’re so early in the development process of Idle Village! What does this mean? It means that you can be part of the development process with your feedback!

Reach us on discord today!

Until next time, stay Oddly Legendary!

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