Idle Village Traders Tycoon Devblog #3 – More art!

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Welcome back to the development journey of Idle Village Traders Tycoon! Three more months have passed and we are back with even more art! As we discussed in our previous devblog, the shops in Idle Village Traders Tycoon are split into three building categories. We have the “Utility Shops”, the “Equipment Shops” and the “Unique Buildings”. We again focused most of our progress in the first two categories of shops since these items provide most of our gameplay base.

New weapons

Weapons are useful for protection as well as conquering new areas. Here’s a couple of new weapons that we created the past few months!

We start our journey in the weapon shops of Idle Village, with a Machete. Let’s chop some bushes and bamboos in the wild nature!
Next up, we have a halberd, one of the longest and heaviest spears, crafted for the island’s safety!

Your feedback is helping a lot!

As you may have noticed, we usually ask your feedback about design choices around the art of Idle Village. Having so man items in our game, helps us bring you closer to the design of them with this feedback process, and your response helps us a lot understand what you like most. Even small details can significantly alter the look and feel of the game and you helping us reach better results is humbling!
Here are the items for which we asked your feedback the past few months, and you responded! Keep it coming!

Cloak Collar

As we were drawing this cloak, we came to a quandary and thought that we could use some help… Our clothing store is gonna sell some cloaks. But not just any casual ones; vampire cloaks especially!
So, since the game is set in a fantasy world, we thought that (almost) any outfit could be accepted, so we drew a cloak that was pretty simple but fine. But then again, on second thought, maybe we should also try something closer to what someone would expect for a vampire’s cloak.
Which one would fit better for our fellow vampires? The more “traditional” one or do you think the simple cloak could also work as well? Would you choose A or B?

Idle Village Cloak


Here’s another item from our grocery shops which screams healthy diet!
While it looks like there is nothing to ask feedback for such an item, we were really wondering if it would look nice in a small item-image in an android phone.
You see, when creating a game, there are many aspects that we need to examine, many of which can affect the art creation process in unexpected ways!
So, do you think it may be a little overcrowded with details? Maybe a simpler version but with thicker lines could work better… Any opinions?

Idle Village Beans

Oil Lamp

Next up, we tried a different way of gathering your feedback. We asked you to rate the following oil lamp in a scale of 0 to 10, were 0 is totally realistic and 10 is totally fantasy. What’s your opinion?

— Oil Lamp Feedback —

Idle Village Oil Lamp

Spellbook and Eye Patch

How are the two connected? Well, they are not really, even though some books may look harmless from the outside, but can only be read at the cost of an eye…

We were wondering, how would eye patches look like if we put a different theme on them? For example, how would a viking styled eye patch look like? Any ideas?

Idle Village Spellbook and Eye Patch

Bold Coloring of Items

We tried a bold color for the following items! Do you like them? Remember, it’s fine if they look a bit “odd” 😉

Wooden leg VS Mechanical leg

We pondered on this quite a bit, but we decided to go with a wooden leg. We felt like it would better match the theme of our island. But what’s your opinion? Do you think it more “modern”, perhaps mechanical leg, would fit better in our fantasy world?

Idle Village Wooden Leg

Where’s the UI???

For those who wonder about our UI (user interface), we have some progress there also!
Here’s a taste of how a button style could look like in Idle Village!

Idle Village UI Buttons

A new way of showing our progress

The past few months, we’ve been also experimenting with new ways of presenting you our Idle Village Traders Tycoon art progress. We got inspired and started creating timelapse videos of our artists working on various items!
We were truly amazed by your response in these videos and we are going to create more of them in a weekly base!

Here you can see the ones we’ve created so far:

Idle Village Cheese
Idle Village Straw Hat

Final words

We reached again the end of another three months! That’s the art progress we did for the months of July – September on the Idle Village Traders Tycoon project! We always love your feedback, opinions and ideas. We actually have a discord server where the you can talk with us. We’re so early in the development process of Idle Village! What does this mean? It means that you can be part of the development process with your feedback!

Reach us on discord today!

Until next time, stay Oddly Legendary!