Idle Village Traders Tycoon DevBlog #2- Building Categories

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Three more months have passed and our development journey of Idle Village Traders Tycoon continues with more art! As you may know, Idle Village is all about unlocking new buildings and selling more products. And by more products, we don’t only mean quantity but also variety! In this devblog of Idle Village Traders Tycoon, we will reveal the three building categories and give you some exciting art updates!

The three building categories

In Idle Village, we have split the buildings into three categories. We call the first type of buildings “Utility Shops” and they mainly produce edible items, as well as other utilities which we won’t reveal yet ;). Then, we have the “Equipment Shops” which, as the name suggests, produce items which can be equipped, such as gear and weapons. The Equipment Shops category also has a special type of building which we will also reveal in future Idle Village devblogs. Last but not least, we have the “Unique Buildings” category which do not produce any items, but are crucial for creating an exciting gameplay as well as making the game fun!

We are currently working on one building at a time, producing the art for all the items which are available for this building. Then moving on to the next building and so on, until the game art is complete. We may not share all items with you yet – hey! we want to create some suspense after all – but from the screenshots you can clearly distinguish a few different types of items.

So, here’s some art reveals from the items we created the past during the months of April – June of 2020!

Edible items (from the Utility Shops)

Our first reveal is the Cheese and Dates. Wops! There’s also a longblade on the image, which clearly belongs to a shop which sells weapons! Well, never mind, you can use it to slice the cheese 😉

Idle Village Cheese, Dates and Longblade

Next, we have a slideshow of a few edible items. Swipe through them if you’re on a phone or tablet, or click the arrows to change the pictures!

  1. Garlic has been an essential cooking ingredient since a really old age. It could not be missing from our food shops.
  2. Next you can see part of our coloring process, as a sack of lentils come to life.
  3. And last on our edible items category, we present you the coloring process of bunch of grapes.

Armor items (from the Equipment Shops)

While the equipment shops have both armor and weapons, let’s first look at some art reveals of things our shop customers can wear and then move on to items they can wield.

Let’s have a slideshow of a few armor items. Shall we?

  1. We start of with a pair of trousers. Here you can also get a taste of the sketching steps that are put together in order to create the final result.
  2. Next we look at a Turban. Yes! Our game has strong influences from Arabia and we will see more items like that soon.
  3. Going back to a bit more western look, we have a Vest, a Silk Vest and Silk Trousers. Those items, feel a bit more “pricy” and sure they are…
  4. Closing off our clothing line for this devblog, we have a Pirate Hat! What pirates have to do with our village you may wonder. Well, is there any village in history which has not been visited, and sometimes even rampaged, my pirates?

Weapon items (from the Equipment Shops)

In Idle Village, not all customers are peasants. A bunch of adventurers pass by and they demand good quality weapons for their journeys. Here you can see a few of the weapons we have sketched so far. Maybe you can also match them with the armor from above in some cases ;). Can you find matches? Let us know in the comments.

Lets have a slideshow of weapon items.

  1. We start of with the Shamshir. Another Arabian influenced item which combines danger and beauty.
  2. Next, we have an Axe. I will leave it up to you to decide if this is a peasant’s tool, used to chop wood, or a lethal weapon used in combat!
  3. Longblade! We’ve seen this image before. The difference is that now we plan to use it for combat, while you can always slice your cheese with its sharp blade 😉
  4. Last, in our weapons collection, we have a Dagger. Daggers are the weapons of assassins, but can also be useful to a warrior when their main weapon gets disarmed. Best place to hide a dagger? Probably the boot.

Announcing the name

Well, art reveals are always exciting. They tell stories, catch our attention and we tend to look at them for minutes in order to see how detailed they are. But besides of all these pieces of art, during the this three months we also announced the name of the game. While you know it already, perhaps for the previous devblog, on 31/05/2020 we announced the title Idle Village Traders Tycoon publicly on our facebook page.

Experimenting with Sound

We also started looking into music inspiration. Our musician put together some tunes from his research and we asked our audience to pick the music which matches the image of the video.

Here, take a taste yourself! What’s your opinion?

Final words

And that’s more or less the progress we did during the months of April – June on the Idle Village Traders Tycoon project! We always love your feedback, opinions and ideas. We actually have a discord server where the you can talk with us. We’re so early in the development process of Idle Village! What does this mean? It means that you can be part of the development process with your feedback!

Reach us on discord today!

Until next time, stay Oddly Legandary!