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Christmas is coming! I’m quite sure you already feel it, regardless of the Covid-19 lockdowns.
Today we will share with you the story of creating a board game in 7 days! Sounds impossible?
Stay back, relax and enjoy the story behind Odd Christmas Tree.

Working hard on HydroPyro

The story begins with meetings upon meetings on creating a promotional plan for our first mobile game, HydroPyro. We wanted to gift HydroPyro to the entire world for the Christmas and we were on a mission to make sure that not only our friends and family would discover it. Being totally new to marketing our efforts, we hold many workshops and meetings during which we brainstormed and discussed ways on achieving a great result.

Until, our game designer, Christopher, dropped a bomb…

The bomb fell from the sky

I will try to give you his exact words in writing, even though I’m sure it won’t be the same as listening to it in real life.
The conversation when something like the following:

Context: Discussing about way to promote HydroPyro

Me: How about we do XYZ?
Iason: I think this will benefit us a lot. We could also do ABC to improve our reach!
Me: Ah, this sounds amazing, let’s also take that into consideration.
Christopher: By the way, guys, I have created a Christmas themed board game…

Odd Statue Games against time…

What use would a Christmas themed game have if it was not available during Christmas? I mean, sure you can play Odd Christmas Tree on a beach but… meh!
This game had to come out for families to enjoy during the best season of the year! And we were determined to make it happen!
So we get working…

Have you ever considered how many tasks are required to complete a board game? Let’s try to count few of the many:

  1. Creating concept art
  2. Creating line art
  3. Coloring the art
  4. Writing a rulebook (initially in Greek)
  5. Translating the rulebook (in English)
  6. Creating a rulebook design
  7. Putting all the above in order to produce a final outcome

And all the above, do not include many very important aspects. First of all, the game design!
We had to playtest the game enough in order to make sure that it doesn’t have any design flaws and that it produced enough Oddly Legendary reactions!
Also, we had to put together a fast and effective marketing plan. There is no point in making a game if none is going to discover it.

Time was ticking, and we had moments when we thought the deadline has beaten us.
We spent our last night before the release awake, working until 6am!
And then… the last deliverable was finished. And we had a game! Ready for everyone to download from our website and enjoy with their families during the Christmas holidays 😀

What we learned

And that’s how we conceptualized, developed, built and published Odd Christmas Tree in 7 days!
Oh, and we learned a lot from this experience.

First of all, we learned that we’re capable of much more when we have a common goal, a vision and, of course, a deadline!
Secondly, we bonded a lot better as a team! There is nothing more touching than staying awake all night because your team mate is also working on the same common goal.
And finally, Christopher learned not to drop bombs, but announce new ideas earlier 😛

Have you played Odd Christmas Tree?

Have you? Now that you know the story behind the making of Odd Christmas Tree, I hope it will enhance even more your experience while playing, knowing that it was made with care and dedication.
If you have not played yet, please find our print and play version, print it, cut it, glue it and enjoy it with friends and family.
And when you do, come back to us and let us know how you liked it! Maybe send us a picture also!

We would like to hear back from you.
Until then, I will get back to helping the Odd Statue Games team make another Oddly Legendary game for you!

See you soon!
Stay Oddly Legendary!

PS: HydroPyro got released one week after Odd Christmas Tree!

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