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Today we will share with you the story of our first mobile game, HydroPyro! While HydroPyro is a simple project, it is a crucial part of our history as a team. Keep reading to learn why!

When presentations had real pizza…

Everything started back in 2016-2017 when we were investigating how to start making mobile games. We were 3 team members at the time. One game designer, one game developer and a business guy. So, we were on our brainstorming sessions thinking about different types of games, when Quizdom, one of the biggest Greek game developers at the time, decided that they wanted to become game publishers!

They made a public invitation for indie developers and others to attend a presentation of their vision and plans, as well as the types of games they were looking to publish.
That was before Covid, so you can imagine that pizza and soft drinks were a key part of this gathering!

During their presentation, they asked hypercasual games, since they are both easier to make and easier to consume. More specifically, they mentioned the “one tap” mechanism, and that is what got us thinking!

The original game idea

We went back to our blackboard and we put together a game of balance, HydroPyro. Well, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. It was initially called “Yin Yang Stepper”, as the player controlled the yin and the yang and was moving in steps to keep the balance of our game’s world. Shortly after, we translated yin and yang to water and fire but the name strangely stayed the same, until the 3rd, but not final (no kidding), artist attempting to illustrate this game, Alexandros Voyiagis, came up with the name “HydroPyro” form water and fire! And by the way, I have skipped a few steps… at this point of our story, we’re at least 1 year after Quizdom, so you can imagine that they did not choose our prototype, and we were 6 team members, having 2 extra artists and 1 musician!

A project of 4 artists

It’s maybe hard to believe, but this small project changed 4 artists until we finally settled down with the art you can currently see on the playstore.
Leaving aside the very original “art”, basically just shapes, that we used in order to prototype and test the game, we started working with Nick Gravos on a first iteration. Nick is not a digital artist so we started working with a real brush and paint! Here’s a previous of the first art attempt of HydroPyro.

A few months later, we got in contact with Matthew Tsirides with whom we started working on a second iteration of the HydroPyro art! After a few drafts, the game elements looked more like this.

While we were very happy with Matthew’s art, he had a few other projects in line so he had to drop HydroPyro. Also, by that time we had an in-house artist, Alexandros Voyiagis! Here’s a taste of how HydroPyro looked after Alexandros’ touch.

HydroPyro 3rd art iteration – Spritesheet final

Finally, Judit, our current graphic designer took over and completely redesigned everything concerning the game. The game now looks like this.

HydroPyro Final Design

The final release

The game was release on December 23rd 2019, almost one year from now, so we are celebrating 1 year of HydroPyro in a few days!
This project took years but its main purpose was to help us bond as a team, figure out how to treat such a project and we also learned a lot from our mistakes.
It has been a great preparation for upcoming projects like Idle Village.

Final words

And that’s how we created HydroPyro! Or, rather a compact version of the story 😉
We are currently actively designing two games, one mobile (Idle Village) and a board game which has no name yet!
While it has no name, it still is playable and we are opening our playtesting to new audiences every week.

If you want to participate on our playtesting events, reach us on discord today!

Until next time, stay Oddly Legendary!

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