Hive – Board Game, Gameplay Review

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Hive is a fast game for 2 players. Those who love chess will also find this game interesting. It is a tactical game that has no luck factor at all.

Your goal is to encircle the opponent’s queen before they do the same to yours. The player’s round is very simple. They can place a new pawn or move one that already on the board. Each player has 5 different types of insects as pawns which also have different movements. The Queen Bee, is the main pawn that must be placed from the first rounds and can only move one step. The Spider, moves exactly 3 steps. The Beetle moves only one step, but it can also go on another insect. The Grasshopper can jump and land on the opposite side. And finally the Ant can do as many steps as it wants but should remain around the hive. So, the players make moves end try to encircle the opponent’s queen while protecting their own. It is a game for all ages and can be played wherever there is a surface and of course a mood for fun.

If you have also played Hive, which insect do you like to plot your strategy with?

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