Fox’s Party – Board Game, Gameplay Review

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Fox’s Party is a card game in which players try to put the revealed animals in order according to their size. It is a short game for young ages, especially where the main mechanisms it uses are memory and push your lack.

The game has a deck in which 7 different animals appear many times. Each player takes 12 cards and places them in front of them in a closed stack without looking at them. Then the remaining cards are displayed in the center of the table in a new stack. The first card shown at the top of the stack is also the animal leader. So the first player is called to open the first card from their stack. Before doing so, however, one must guess whether the animal to be opened will be smaller, larger or equal in size to the leader animal. Then the player reveals the card and if they guessed correctly they can continue to take risks or stop there and pass the turn to the next player. If the player continues then they performs the same action as before but this time the comparison happens with the previously revealed animal instead of the leader. If they decides to stop then they put as many cards as they have opened at the top of the center stack on the table and pass the turn to the next player. But if they make a mistake then they take all the cards they opened in this round and put them at the bottom of their deck. That maybe a huge step back, but the player puts the cards in the same order that they have been revealed so, at least they can remember them the next time they needs to reveal them. The game continues like that until a player plays their last card and of course is declared the winner.

It is a game that parents can easily play with their children and have fun together. Do not underestimate the children though! Sometimes they have a much better memory than adults and can embarrass you when you least expect it!

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