Everything you need to know about Ivion: Calbria on Kickstarter!

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From the creators of Ivion: Winterstorm, here comes the next installment of the innovative fantasy duel series, set in the world of Calbria!

Ivion: Calbria is a 1v1 (or 2v2) herocrafting card game, where each player takes control of a hero with a unique deck and they fight each other on the battlefield, in an epic last-man-standing combat. Apart from its strategic depth, one thing that makes this game so special, is that you can combine the capabilities of different characters and customize each deck or even change it completely, creating an entirely custom hero; the ultimate fighter of your choice!

The kickstarter campaign will come with three different boxes, where each box is a self-contained game for 2 players and offers a unique experience. However, the boxes can also be combined for much more customization and herocrafting options! Also, the gameplay is fast-paced and its illustration is spectacular!

The game is coming to Kickstarter on September 1st. Click this link and check their pre-campaign draft now, to learn more about this first stand-alone expansion to Ivion.